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The power of personal touch and marketing that actually works. Here, we're not just about creating campaigns; we're about creating real connections and measurable results. Our approach is all about understanding your unique business needs and tailoring our strategies to ensure your growth. With EliteRenos, you're not just another client; you're a partner in a journey towards success. Dive in and let's make marketing meaningful and effective together.

Welcome to EliteRenos, where we believe in the power of personal touch and marketing that actually works. Here, we're not just about flashy campaigns; we're about creating real connections and measurable results.

Grow Your Contracting Business

Grow Your Business

Get Your Own Custom Exclusive Appointments

You’ve likely heard SEO firms say you just need to "give it more time" or "increase your ad budget." With us, it’s different. Our results are immediate, and you can start seeing them with an ad budget as low as $50 per day.

Instant Impact

Instant Impact

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Tailored Strategies

Tailored Strategies

Expert Guidance

Expert Guidance

Why Facebook?

  • Low Barrier of Entry

  • It's The TV of The 21st Century For Homeowners

  • Get Leads BEFORE They Go To Google

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More Faster


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Our features

We provide features that help you get and nurture leads to help you make the sale.

Hosted Website

Hosted Website

We provide a professionally designed website hosted on our servers, ensuring your online presence is both powerful and hassle-free.

Email Marketing System

Email Marketing System

Engage your clients with beautifully crafted email campaigns that keep them informed and interested in your services.

Text Marketing System

Text Marketing System

Reach your customers directly on their phones with timely and relevant marketing messages that drive engagement and sales.

360 Degree View

360 Degree View

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer interactions, enabling you to make informed decisions based on complete data.

Automated Follow Ups

Automated Follow-Ups

Stay on top of your leads without lifting a finger. Our system sends follow-up messages automatically to keep potential clients engaged.

Access To Our Founders

Access To Our Founders

We believe in personal connections. Gain direct access to our founders for insights and advice tailored to your business needs.



Enjoy unrestricted access to all the tools and information you need to manage and grow your business effectively.

Automated Sales Dialer

Automated Sales Dialer

Streamline your sales process with our automated dialer that helps you reach more prospects faster and with less effort.

Ringless Voicemails

Ringless Voicemails

Send voicemail messages directly to your clients' mailboxes without ringing their phone, ensuring your message is heard without intruding on their time.


Facebook lead generation Turn the campaign on and, within 24 hours get your first lead.


Automatic Appointments Booked Into Your Calendar. No need to call leads that won't answer their phone.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM), so you can know everything about your clients.

Why Work With Us
Why Work With Us

Why Work With Us?

Let's face it—there are a lot of marketers out there promising the moon but delivering barely a sparkle. We really stand out because we keep it real. We know that genuine, impactful marketing shapes the backbone of every successful contracting business.

Our strategies are crafted with honesty, transparency, and a deep understanding of the contracting industry. We're here not just to drive leads but to build lasting partnerships based on trust and real results.


How do we pick where to advertise? Zip codes, a specific area, how does it all work?

Contractors often wonder how we pick the right spots to advertise.

It’s pretty straightforward: we map it out together during our first call.

We choose spots where you're eager to work and keep it simple so the ads show up just right.

This simplicity helps you stand out, avoiding the messy targeting that causes others to have bad ads.

What’s the cost to start advertising?

We suggest starting with $50 a day.

Think of it as casting a wide net—the more you spend, the more potential customers you reach.

It's a numbers game that can really increase your presence the more you spend.

How many leads can I expect to get each month?

With a daily spend of $50, our clients usually see between 30-60 leads a month.

This depends on several factors like the season and your location.

Typically, that’s enough to seal a good number of deals, offering a solid return on your investment.

And it gets even better as leads from previous months start converting.

I’ve had bad experiences with similar services before. What makes yours better?

Ever wonder why some Facebook ads fail?

Facebook typically cant tell if a lead is qualified or not.

Our system steps in by evaluating each lead.

If the lead is not qualified, we simply just tell Facebook "Stop advertising to people like this"

On the flip side if the lead is qualified, we tell Facebook "Show our ad to more people like this"

It’s a smart system that keeps refining itself.

How fast will I start seeing leads after signing up?

Once you sign up, we get going with an onboarding call, usually within a day or two.

We aim to have everything set for your approval within a week, often sooner.

Once you green-light the setup, leads can start rolling in within 24 hours.

This quick turnaround is what makes Facebook ads so effective.

I'm really cautious about getting burned again. How can you reassure me?

We believe in fairness.

If you aren’t seeing the results you expected after the first month, just let us know.

We offer a straightforward money-back guarantee because we’re confident in what we do and want you to feel secure in your investment.

Interested in a marketing system that works and automatically books appointments into your calendar?

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Welcome to EliteRenos, we're not just about creating advertising campaigns; we strive to create real connections and measurable results. Our approach is all about understanding your business needs and tailoring our strategies to ensure your growth.

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